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Hi, I am truly sorry for the delay in writing to you all, however a lot has been happening but we have been asked not to publish draft documents at this time. There has been a meeting of the Committee where the first draft of the Envisionuk document was discussed as well as a sustainability document. The Committee was not completely happy with these and they have been sent for correction. The advisors at AECOM promised us draft reports x3 before Christmas but what they sent was too vague so we await the real things which are promised for mid February.

I have supplied a large number of required photographs as well as those sent by just 3 other members!

Lynda Satterthwaite has found different flood risk maps than the ones supplied by the Environment Agency. She also found the original plan for Midgeland Farm site which was promised by Lancashire County Council but never materialised.

I have written to Blackpool Council about the heavy lorries using School, Chapel and Stockydale ( Not you Owen!) Their response is below!


Clare Johnson (Planning)

With regards to the lorries on School Road, I have asked and unfortunately there isn’t the resource in Highways to look at this.  I also spoke to Trading Standards who have said that this isn’t in their remit and in any case, they have similar resource issues.  As you and the school are concerned about air quality as a result of the traffic, I will forward your concerns to Environmental Protection and ask them to look into any air quality issues.

 If the police can’t assist, perhaps the Forum could report repeat offenders to their head office or seek advice from the Freight Transport Association.

My response was this:

It is outrageous that the council can’t find the time or resources to do the paperwork to enforce the signs. My fear is that they need the lorries to use this road to build the next phase of the Enterprise Zone now that the Wild Lane link won’t be built. So we could be in for years of heavy traffic.

Steve Woodhouse (Chairman MMNF)


I would like to give you a taste of what we are being asked to do, as in this e mail that arrived today.


From Julian Jackson at Envisionuk.

An issues and options consultation would be the opportunity to present the issues arising from the following key strands of evidence:

.               Results of the Residents’ Survey

.               AECOM’s reports on design, housing needs and sites assessments (plus

how we propose to use those findings eg site selection criteria)

.               Major Open Land Study, which I am working on

.               Council’s development viability work (which I have reminded them

about today)

Alongside this can be presented the sensible policy options (the ‘reasonable alternatives’ to use the technical jargon) that I have already set out in document 11 attached and previously sent. I can recast that into a simply Issues and Options summary paper for such a consultation.


As I put it in the last slide of my presentation this mean gearing up to do the following:

.               Compiling a comprehensive list of email addresses of organisations

and people to contact – In terms of official bodies I can start that off from contacts the Council have sent me and then the Committee can add the local organisations

.               Document production for publication (Issues and Options Paper and

summary leaflet) – I can write these

.               Preparation of display material (Council can assist with reproducing

the artwork but I can do a draft of the content first for the Committee to


.               Booking drop-in events venue and staffing (I suggest 2 dates, 2

weeks apart 4pm to 8pm)

.               Holding workshops with special interests (developers and landowners,

businesses, young people) – I am happy to assist with these

.               Publicising  – local newspapers, social media, website

.               Producing a response comments form – I can draft this; a form helps

with analysing responses

I also strongly advised that a funding application be made as soon as possible to Locality for the remaining 2019/20 financial year grant money citing the costs of room hire, printing etc.



As soon as I have news I will let you know what’s happening. If you have any questions please email me and I will endeavour to answer them. Be assured we are working hard on your behalf to make the area a better place and plan, not just for next year, but for the next 10 years.


Stephen Woodhouse Chairman

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