Map of Marton Moss

Narrow road scuppers developers’ homes bid on part of Marton Moss

Developers have lost their bid to build homes on part of Marton Moss ! after councillors ruled a rural road was too narrow to cope with the additional traffic which would be generated. Blackpool Council’s planning committee turned down an application by Denmack Holdings for four detached bungalows on land off Stockydale Road.

The scheme had been recommended for approval by planning officers, who said the principle of development was already in place because planning permission already exists for houses on the nearby former Baguley’s Garden Centre with access from Midgeland Road. But 18 objections !  had been received mainly from people living in the area. They warned, the road could not be widened enough to create enough space for additional traffic.

The scheme would also have had cars exiting garages through what is now a hedge onto stockydale road ( at this location   Its a LANE )

It is on this point That  the planning application was     Overturned!!!

Original article in The Blackpool Evening Gazette, see here

there are no pavements,road markings  and very narrow, or anything else that that would make it a ROAD!

Stockydale is  L  shaped and goes from Midgeland Road  to Chapel Road  and takes in the.  Northerly most and only outlet of

Jubilee lane. Just before Stockydale joins   Chapel.


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