These photos are to be used to try to persuade the people who will examine our work that we are a special case and deserving of special treatment. Although a lot has changed on The Moss since the days of greenhouses and horticulture, there remains an open rural aspect to the area which is cherished by the residents. It has fallen into some disrepair in places and it is the intention with the forthcoming Neighbourhood Plan to sort out some of the problems and bring the residents together to improve their properties, especially the boundaries, drainage and footpaths. The area has potential to be one of the best areas to live on the Fylde Coast with just a little work and a rewriting of some of the rules which hold it back. In the next few weeks we will be holding 2 public meetings for the residents to view the Draft Plan. We are waiting for the advisors at AECOM to complete their work and for it to be reviewed by the Committee, once that is done you will see notices go up around the area, e mails go out to subscribers and dates for the meetings posted on this website


These are just a taste of the 60+ photos sent for our advisors to choose from.