Marton Moss Neighbourhood Forum

The evidence and policy options stage of public engagement was completed on 1 September 2020 and the responses received can be viewed on the Documents page.

About The Forum

In 2017 the residents of Marton Moss were asked by Blackpool Council if they wanted to have a say in the future development of the area. The majority who responded said that they did want to have a say.

The Council formally designated the Marton Moss Neighbourhood Area and the Marton Moss Neighbourhood Forum on the 26th March 2019, following a six week consultation period which ran between 21st January 2019 and the 4th March 2019.  The Council’s decision is available below:

Marton Moss Neighbourhood Area and Forum designation decision

Marton Moss Neighbourhood Area and Forum designation decision notice

The application, supporting documents and a Schedule of Representations are available below:

Schedule of Representations

Marton Moss Neighbourhood Area and Forum Designation Application Form

Proposed Marton Moss Neighbourhood Area

Marton Moss Supporting Statement

Marton Moss Constitution

Further information and background

Marton Moss neighbourhood planning approach

The core strategy was adopted in January 2016 and identifies the remaining lands at Marton Moss as being integral to the local distinctiveness of Blackpool and is highly valued by the local community.

Policy CS26 sets out a neighbourhood planning approach. This means getting the community more involved in deciding what they want for the area, for example how to retain the Moss’ distinctive character as well as deciding where and what type of development may be acceptable.

The Council undertook consultation events in November 2017 and the local community voted in favour of producing their own Neighbourhood Plan.  For more information on the consultation process and the results, please refer to the Blackpool council website.

The Marton Moss Neighbourhood Forum currently has in excess of 250 members.

It is our intention to work alongside other statutory bodies, local groups and authorities to influence the future development of Marton Moss.

Our Purpose, Aims & Ambitions

Our Purpose, Aims & Ambitions are explained in the following document

Purpose Aims & Ambitions

This Forum is a chance for the people of the Moss to have their say.


Due to the ongoing Coronavirus emergency, meetings are cancelled until further notice.


AGM March 2020