Good Morning,

I am replying, on behalf of the Forum Committee, to the discussion about the siting of the telecommunication mast at the junction of School Road and Midgeland Road. I apologise if this is not the correct route for this discussion, but it was felt that a reply to the initial information should go initially to those who asked our opinion. We will comment on the Planning application via the website portal in the usual way.

E mails were sent to the 268 residents who receive our regular news, the information we had on siting the mast was put on the website and a link together with a brief description was put on Facebook. We encouraged people to discuss the issues raised and state their preferences. As you can imagine there are strong views held on both sides of the argument with very little change of mind even after some robust debate.

Firstly the common ground:

No one wants the mast on the green island by the disused bus stop. It is considered a poor place to put it for the following reasons:

The draft Neighbourhood Plan states that the junction of School Road and Midgeland is considered to be the ‘gateway’ to the ‘Moss’ and as such it needs improving, with new fences and the grass cut regularly, the drains cleared so there is less standing water and regular pickups of fly tipping which appears to occur on a regular basis. With that in mind and the Conservation Area being in force, a mast in such an obvious spot is not considered a good idea.

Other thoughts against the placement by the road are that from time to time, young drivers, at night, end up on that grass island, undamaged but there are wheel marks on a regular basis. Tractors turning with trailers also end up across the pavement and on the grass as is evident from the Agri tyre marks. Although this should not happen, it is a fact that it does.

Then there is a difference of opinion:

A majority of the Forum Committee feel that the mast should not be sited in the Conservation Area, they would be happy if it could be sited just outside the area so that the benefits of the technology could be gained by the residents without having to have the mast itself which they consider an eyesore.

The public/ residents view is reflected in 20 replies in favour of having the mast, on the condition it is sited adjacent to the hedge near the bus stop or near the existing gas pipe cabinet  infrastructure .i.e. away from the road, cabinets painted green to blend in with the hedge and the mast to be as much like a lamp post as possible. They want the benefits of the technology  and do not have strong views about the appearance of the mast if the location is as stated. They do point out that broadband is very poor in places on the ‘Moss’ and 5G would overcome some of the difficulties.

No doubt you will consider the views above and think about your stance on this application. Having now received the Planning Application number I will send this to the residents and ask them to comment on the website.

Thank you for asking our opinion on this subject and I hope we can help in any further issues that arise.

Stephen Woodhouse Chairman MMNF

As of 14:00 Thursday 25th Feb. the application is not available on the council website. As soon as it appears we will let people know via E-mail. If you wish you can then enter your own comments/opinions. Thanks.