Scott Benton sent the following e-mail to the Chairman and ward Councillors this morning…

Hi all,

Just a quick update as promised with regards to Midgeland Farm:

I’ve spoken to Council Officers and understand that very little has happened since the last meeting with the County Council. I have also been reassured that once the Council has had internal advice from its officers responsible for natural environments and public open spaces, it will update everyone on what the next steps might be. There may be further delays as some staff may be redeployed to assist with support roles in the upcoming lockdown but I’ve asked to be kept in the loop so that I can ensure that local residents are aware of what’s happening and get the opportunity to engage where possible.

One thing that I do think is very clear is that all parties want a community accessible site at Midgeland Farm and that this should provide a positive way forward both for the Neighbourhood Plan and the future preservation of the site.

Best wishes