Application for extension work at 60A Stockydale Rd

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Further battles loom over future of Marton Moss

Meeting minutes 2020

Meeting 19/02/20 Wednesday at South Shore Tennis Club 19.00

PLEASE TRY TO ATTEND THIS MEETING It is part of the final pieces that will complete the Draft Neighbourhood Plan. Our advisors AECOM need as many opinions as possible about future housing design as they can get. A broad range of opinions is better than the ones voiced by the select few who attend these […]

Meeting South Shore Tennis Club 19.00 on February 19th 2020

This meeting is to conduct a questionnaire for our advisors at AECOM. We will discuss and vote on the Types and Design of houses you would like to see on The Moss. The questionnaire is posted below and I recommend you look at it. Please try to attend and have your say. If you cannot […]

Future Housing Design for the Moss

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