Meeting 19/02/20 Wednesday at South Shore Tennis Club 19.00

PLEASE TRY TO ATTEND THIS MEETING It is part of the final pieces that will complete the Draft Neighbourhood Plan. Our advisors AECOM need as many opinions as possible about future housing design as they can get. A broad range of opinions is better than the ones voiced by the select few who attend these […]

Meeting South Shore Tennis Club 19.00 on February 19th 2020

This meeting is to conduct a questionnaire for our advisors at AECOM. We will discuss and vote on the Types and Design of houses you would like to see on The Moss. The questionnaire is posted below and I recommend you look at it. Please try to attend and have your say. If you cannot […]

Photographs of the area. To be used by our advisors

These photos are to be used to try to persuade the people who will examine our work that we are a special case and deserving of special treatment. Although a lot has changed on The Moss since the days of greenhouses and horticulture, there remains an open rural aspect to the area which is cherished […]

Latest e mail sent to members

Hi, I am truly sorry for the delay in writing to you all, however a lot has been happening but we have been asked not to publish draft documents at this time. There has been a meeting of the Committee where the first draft of the Envisionuk document was discussed as well as a sustainability […]


History of the area by Nick Moore

Local historian Nick Moore has produced a superb history of Blackpool and the surrounding areas, with plenty of mentions of Mossogs and Marton Moss. ___________________________TO READ.________CLICK THE LINK BELOW____________________ For those interested, here is the link… Click on the PDF link, Nick’s entire book is there. You’ll find this interesting snippet! “There are legends […]

Traveller’s Planning Application for 516 Midgeland Road

In January 2019 there was a planning application submitted for 516 Midgeland Rd, Marton Moss. This is close to where Midgeland Road Garage was situated. 19/0011 | Use of land as a travelling showperson’s site for up to 5 caravans (3 static caravans and 2 tourers), gravelled driveway and parking areas and erection of new boundary fences […]

Forum Letter to MP Gordon Marsden

Steven Woodhouse wrote to our Local Member of Parliament, The Right Honourable Gordon Marsden, the following:- Dear Mr. Marsden, I am currently chairman of the soon to be designated Marton Moss Neighbourhood Forum. I have been in extensive communication with Blackpool Council, who have been most helpful in setting this Forum up. However it is […]